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Last Train – a short story by Jacey Bedford

It’s a freezing cold station on Christmas Eve. The platform is deserted, the ticket hall closed, the waiting room padlocked. My breath puffs clouds into the air in the flickering glare from the overhead light. I glance at the clock. … Continue reading

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Riding (and Writing) the Frontier by Laura Anne Gilman

Research – good, solid, grounding research -is essential for any book, but doubly so for a historical fantasy – and thrice that when you’re using extant and still in-use locations for your setting! The Devil’s West books are set in … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations

Just in time for Christmas here are some book recommendations from Milford committee members past and present. They are books that we’ve read this year (not necessarily books published this year). Contributors: Karen Brenchley, Jacey Bedford, David Gullen, Jim Anderson, … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Sequel by Ben Jeapes

Originally posted on October 26, 2018 on Ben’s own blog The short version: my novel The Xenocide Mission is re-released in print and on Kindle. The longer bit: I am aware of the financial realities of publishing; I know … Continue reading

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