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What this? you ask. I’m writing fantasy. It’s a made-up world with magic, so I can do anything I want, right? I don’t need to know historical details. Yes, it’s your world, and you don’t have to have exact historically … Continue reading

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How (Not) to Write a Steampunk Novel by Gaie Sebold

Originally posted on May 20, 2014 on Jacey Bedford’s blog To start with, I didn’t actually really intend to write what ended up as a fantasy Victorian spy adventure, with a trickster heroine, set partly in 19th century Shanghai.  It … Continue reading

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Riding (and Writing) the Frontier by Laura Anne Gilman

Research – good, solid, grounding research -is essential for any book, but doubly so for a historical fantasy – and thrice that when you’re using extant and still in-use locations for your setting! The Devil’s West books are set in … Continue reading

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Research for Genre Fiction: by Sandra Unerman

If you write fantasy or science fiction, what kind of research do you need to do and why? I write historical fantasy, where the story is set in the cracks between what we know of the past. Some of my … Continue reading

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