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Jacey Bedford maintains this blog. She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy (, the secretary of Milford SF Writers (, a singer ( and a music agent booking UK tours and concerts for folk performers ( She's also a Home Office / UK Visas and Immigration department licensed sponsor processing UK work permits (Certificates of Sponsorship).

5 Writing Lessons from Homecoming, by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Early this year, I binge-watched the first season of the near-future sci-fi dramatic thriller, Homecoming, an Amazon Prime Video series starring Julia Roberts, Stephan James and Bobby Cannavale. I’m not sure if it even qualified as a binge-watch: the show … Continue reading

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The Birth and Death of a Bad Idea by Jim Anderson

I’ve spent some time this weekend reading.  Some of that reading has been the news of the world, and my what interesting times we live in.  Some had been working my way through the accumulation of things I’ve bought, between … Continue reading

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Return to Dublin (or Let’s Talk about Ghosts by Rosanne Rabinowitz

Jacey Bedford has written about her experience of the 2017 World Con in Helsinki to give you an idea of what a World Con is like. For an idea of what attending a convention in Dublin can be like, I’ll … Continue reading

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Matters Arising, by Terry Jackman

Thoughts that went through my head while listening to a panel. [Not necessarily what the panel said themselves, but what I took from it.] June 8th saw the British Science Fiction Association’s AGM, held at Imperial College, London, a great … Continue reading

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Worldcons – a Newbie Takes a Look by Jacey Bedford

I came fairly late to British SF conventions, dipping a toe in the water cautiously (and not terribly happily) in 2007, and then not until Eastercon 2011, where I got into the swing of things and then again in 2012 … Continue reading

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If You Think You’re an Imposter, You Probably Aren’t by Nancy Jane Moore

Originally posted on the Book View Café blog on 16th May 2019 On social media, I regularly run across posts from talented and competent women talking about feeling that they’re not good enough at whatever they do. I see this … Continue reading

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Books on Writing: What Writers Need (the Nitty-Gritty) by Tiffani Angus

I teach writing at the university level—BA, MA, and PhD. What this means is that in addition to my students having to write creatively they also have to write academically, usually in the form of an analysis of their creative … Continue reading

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