Live Blogging from Milford 3

Ramya Jegatheesan
As a newbie, it feels like I’ve now got into the comfortable swing of things. I know what the day will bring – copious amounts of food, wine and useful, weird conversations. The weather today was clear and bright, and the Welsh countryside has been put on best display. An excursion to Dorothea Quarry after crits found me wandering around abandoned, overgrown buildings and a contaminated, gloriously blue lake. I was sure I was either going to be murdered and/or abducted by the Fair Folk – which might give you some insight into the sorts of stories we’ve read so far. It’s whiskey in the library time now, followed by a midnight (or nine-ish) dip in the lake (a hopefully non-contaminated one)

Jacey Bedford
We finished the last of the crits today and spent the evening – after dinner – socialising in the library. Much wine was drunk, much chocolate eaten. Discussion topics were many and varied. This is our last night with a full complement of attendees. Liz Williams is Guest of Honour at Fantasycon this weekend, so she has to leave tomorrow morning, bound for London. The rest of us will have a day off tomorrow. There’s a contingent going into Caernarfon for a mooch around and a pub lunch, while another car-load heads for Portmeirion – the place where The Prisoner was filmed all those years ago.

While I’ve been here this week, my friend Steve Ritchie from Owen Sound in Canada found my book in his local bookstore and sent me a ‘shelfie’. I’m delighted, of course.


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