Live Blogging from Milford – 2

Jacey Bedford
Today is the third day of our active Milford. We arrived on Saturday and started work on Sunday. So today is Tuesday, and we’re just over half way through our critiques. My story was up for critique today and I got some very useful feedback which means a bit of rewriting, but I’ve got some good ideas.

Dolly Garland’s photo of yesterday’s crit session.

Liz Williams
A beautiful evening here, with the light going down over the valley and throwing the mountains into sharp, bright relief. I just went for a walk down to the lake, admiring the scarlet rowan and the ripples from a boat out on the lake. Some of us went into Caernarfon this morning, parking in the shadow of the castle, and went on various errands around the town (I am very pleased with myself, having managed to purchase socks and cards in Welsh – thank you, Dewi Lingo). We’re now sitting in the library with wine.

Jim Anderson
With some sadness, we’ve reached the midpoint of the week, and it’s been a great week so far. Three days of critiquing and conversation down, three days to go though Friday is excursion day. I always find it fascinating the extent and variety of the comments made, and also the extent to which unrelated ideas come into the mind while listening. Alas for the current list of projects, I’ve added several new ones to the list already, and I’m sure more will come. While we’ve had some rain, the weather today was exceptional and clear, and Snowdon watched us as we went through our business this afternoon.

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