Milford at Fifty: Milford Memories by Pauline E Dungate

My first encounter with Milford was 1977 but I wasn’t actually an attendee.

In the early days of Milford UK, the event was held at Milford-on-Sea, a village on the Hampshire coast. On the Saturday, after the week of workshops, there was a party to which friends and family of the participants were invited.

My new boyfriend, Chris Morgan, lived in Weymouth. He was a member of the Pieria Writers Group which had morphed out of OUSFG, the Oxford University SF Group. A number of the Pieria members had been at the Milford week, so other members were invited to the Saturday night party.

Those that I remember being there included Rob Holdstock, Andrew Stephenson, Chris Priest and James Blish. Chis was very pleased to meet D.G. Compton.

The first Milford I attended as a participant was much later since they were held in term time and as a teacher, couldn’t attend. Then one year they made the mistake of holding it at half-term. By that time the venue had moved along the coast to Devon and it was also Jacey’s first Milford. It didn’t become a regular participant until I retired.

If you are wondering about the boyfriend, reader, I married him.

Milford group 1998

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