Live from Milford 2021 – Day #3

Jacey Bedford: It’s been a good day. The sun came out, and Trigonos looked lovely. The clouds lifted and we could see Mount Snowdon along the Nantlle Valley. This morning I wrote 1000 words on what is about to turn into my next new book. The crit session this afternoon went well, and now we’re stuffed full of fish pie and sitting in the library with several bottles of wine.

Jeremy Pak Nelson: When can a vegan fish pie be called a vegan fish pie? Is it a matter of a fish substitute, or is the experience what matters? Now that my two stories have been through the Milford wringer, and unimportant questions queue to fill the space vacated by the apprehensions I brought with me to Trigonos.

Terry Jackman; Vegan fish? Obvously fish that don’t eat meat [or other fish]. So it’s Tuesday, and everyone has settled in, or should I say got over the shock. It’s another year where everyone who’s come is friendly, strange how SF people are almost universally nice to each other, even if they’re saying things like ‘I am not your target market’ they manage to sound polite about it. And we haven’t, so far, heard a single ‘Shame on you!’ from Tiff. Though maybe I shouldn’t be too optimistic since some kind soul has scheduled my crit for the last day. I’m not sure it’s conducive to the peace Trigonos is meant to engender.

David Allan: An expedition to Mordor sounds like a suitable preamble to the inquisition that is a critique session at Milford. It happened today for some of us. An intrepid band of seven braved the horrors of Mordor (aka Dorothea Slate Quarry) and found it orc free – much to our relief. Actually it was rather pleasant since we had sun for the first time today. Those of us who were on the menu for the afternoon’s critiques bore up well under the strain (with suitable applications of chocolate) and can now relax and anticipate the screams of tomorrow’s victims.

Milfordites in Mordor. L – R Dolly, Jim, Pete, Liz, David, Charlotte (back) and Sue

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    A great day overall. Loved the expedition into Mordor. An experience complimented by the excellent vegan food at the Trigonos Centre.


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