Live from Milford 2021 – Day #2

Jim Anderson The critique sessions are going very well, and one thing I’m always reminded of is how differently people read stories. We go around our circle, and each of us brings to the critique, the conversation something about the story unique to their reading. I know this is something that shouldn’t take me by surprise, but somehow it always does. In part, I think this is because we are largely encountering each others work afresh; even though some of us belong to regular groups and get used to each others style, here we don’t encounter each other all that regularly and it’s wonderful for that, getting a fresh perspective.

Liz Williams It’s wine o’clock! We’ve earned it – everyone’s working really hard and as Jim says, the workshop’s going well under a lowering and sombre Welsh sky. During the morning, people are reading, hiking and in our case taking an hour to drive the 7 miles into Caernarfon because it’s getting a much needed bypass. Really enjoying reading everyone else’s work and the conversations which revolve around writing (and bears. We’re talking about bears now).

Jacey Bedford My piece was up for the first crit yesterday. I’m pleased to say that mostly people liked it, and there were some great comments and good feedback. I spent this morning writing a new chapter. Now I’m sitting here in the library with a wineglass and good company.

Charlotte Forfieh First critique done! Such sweet, sweet relief. Such sweet, sweet feedback: perceptive, constructive and delivered with grace. It’s all good.

Dolly Garland So grateful to be at Milford this year. It’s awesome at all times, but after the COVID year we’ve all had, being here is even better. As always, the beauty of Trigonos is astounding and humbling. The company of lovely people, despite the mental effort required for crits, good food, and lovely surroundings means that this is the break we’ve all been looking forward to from our normal life. I know the week will fly by, and I don’t want it to end.

Pete Sutton I’ve been meaning or trying to come to Milford for years and failing. So when I finally managed to book a place of course COVID happened <shakes fist>. But eventually all good things and all that and I’m finally in Trigonos with a bunch of writers talking writing (and many random other topics) and although I knew I needed this I didn’t know how much. Trigonos is in such a fantastic place and I have already wandered into Mordor (despite warnings to the contrary) and down to the lake (I wish/don’t wish I’d brought my swimming costume.) The critting has already been useful but, until my story is critted, I am still viewing it with a little bit of trepidation…

Sue Oke Well, I’ve attended Milford a few times and have always found the experience great fun, hard work and immensely satisfying. Spending a week with like-minded creative writers is priceless, and in a beautiful setting to boot! And the food… has anyone mentioned the food? I’m in vegan heaven. The first two days have flown by. Tomorrow is my turn to be critiqued, after which I will be happily rewriting 🙂

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