Milford Retrospective by Jacey Bedford


Milford attendees gathering in the library on Day 1, by Victor Ocampo

Milford has come and gone for another year.

Fifteen science fiction and fantasy writers submitted close to 200,000 words between them – a total of twenty pieces, which we critiqued at the rate of four pieces per day.

We will soon be posting the official 2019 Milford Report, always written by someone new to Milford. Russell Smith has volunteered and you should be able to read that on next Tuesday’s blog.

Nantlle Valley 2019

Nantlle valley looking towards Mount Snowdon by Jacey Bedford

This year we had fabulous weather. After a little rain on the Sunday, the sun came out and bathed us in warmth for five days. Those of us who had attended Milford before wondered what this ball of brightness in the sky could possibly be. “For this is North Wales,” we said. “Land of clouds.”

Those  new to both Milford and North Wales said, “Lo, it is the sun in the heavens, and will not harm you. Here, have this Factor 30 and walk forth in sunlight!”

Dinner Bianchini

Food! By Steph Bianchini

Take fifteen writers, stick them in a remote location for a week and, no, you don’t get them disappearing one by one in suspicious circumstances, you get them bonding into family. There were ten writers who’d been to Milford before, though not necessarily at the same time as each other, and five Milford virgins, some of them who had passing acquaintance via conventions, and others completely new. By the end of the first day new friendships had begun and everyone gelled over writerly conversation and bad jokes.

I’m not quite sure who started the dick jokes, but there were many, as you can see from some of the quotable quotes below, taken out of context – just because we can. I think it might have been Powder who started it with his comment on someone’s attempt to write somewhat delicately about… well, you’ll see…

“I don’t think you should pussyfoot about the fleshy object. I just think you’re going to call a penis a tallywhacker and have done with it.” Powder Thompson.

“In outer space: doggy style and reverse cowgirl.” – Victor Ocampo

“I absolutely love lizard-boning. It’s one of the nicest insults I’ve come across.” – Terry Jackman

“I was a bit worried about jizz. Did they find some in the soup or what?” – Sam Tovey

Dick jokes aside, here are some random images from Milford 2019.

Library 03 Bianchini

Victor, Russell, Sam and Powder in the library at Trigonos by Steph Bianchini

Crit room 02

The stage is set. Crit room minus writers by Jacey Bedford.

Trigonos sunrise Powder Thompson

A Trigonos sunrise by Powder Thompson

Criccieth 03

Our day out – Criccieth from the castle, by Jacey Bedford

Milford Group 01

The whole Milford 2019 group L to R: Steph Bianchini, Sue Oke, Mark Bilsborough, Mbozi (Tania) Haimbe, Russell Smith, Terry Jackman, Tiffani Angus, Sam Tovey, Tina Anghelatos, Kari Sperring, Jacey Bedford, Powder Thompson, Liz Williams, Victor Ocampo, and Pauline Dungate.

Milford departure 02

Last day. Waving goodbye to the folks heading for Bangor Station, by Jacey Bedford

About Jacey Bedford

Jacey Bedford maintains this blog. She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy (, the secretary of Milford SF Writers (, a singer ( and a music agent booking UK tours and concerts for folk performers (
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    I had a wonderful week at Trigonos. What a great bunch of writers! New writing done; constructive critiques received; totally and thoroughly enjoyed. Planning to go back next year!


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