Live blogging from Milford 2019

Jacey Bedford
Sunday 15th September.

We gathered yesterday and started to get to know each other. There are five writers who have never been to Milford before, so we’re a good mix of newcomers and old hands. Some of us had horrendous journeys yesterday. My own should have been a three and a half hour drive and it took six, thanks to a huge tailback for roadworks on the North Wales expressway.

Sam was the last to arrive. A train delay caused him to miss a connection and we were just contemplating whether we should pile some dinner on a plate for him to microwave later, when he arrived.


In the library. Photo by Victor Ocampo.

Dinner over, we retired to the library. It doesn’t take long for conversations to start buzzing, and I think all the Milford newcomers felt comfortable. They all seemed to fit in right away. That’s the great thing about kettling a bunch of SF writers together in a remote location. We all have something in common and get on instantly.

I’m usually a night owl, but I was so tired from the journey that I was in bed and fast asleep before eleven thirty. I got a solid eight hours. Bliss! Breakfast this morning was sociable, and now I’m contemplating the crit session which starts this afternoon at two. We always start with someone who’s been to Milford before, so my story is up first.

Okay, Milford 2019. Have at it!

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