Live blogging from Milford 2017: Monday 11th September – 11.55 a.m.

Jacey Bedford Writes:

Milford rain

Milford is here again. The week in September when 15 writers of science fiction and fantasy gather in a not-so-secret location in Wild Welsh Wales to eat chocolate and critique each others’ pieces of fiction. North Wales is living up to its reputation so far. This was the view from my bedroom window this morning. It’s pretty but wet. Or maybe that should be pretty wet.

Several of us had complicated journeys to get here. One cancelled plane, some missed connections and horrendous traffic jams. I drove from Birdsedge (a tiny village on the eastern edge of the Pennines) intending to pick up Terry at her house in Lymm by 11.00. I have to cross the hills via the Woodhead Pass and unfortunately there had been an accident which had closed the road. Traffic was therefore all heading for Holmfirth to try and get over the moors via the Saddleworth road. Result: gridlock. I’d been on the road for an hour and I was still only 4 miles from my house, so I went home, used the bathroom, and set off again, by this time 90 minutes later than I had hoped. I had to scramble round the back way to Holmfirth, but once I got through town the road over the moor was clear. I eventually arrived at Terry’s house two hours later than I had planned. Then there was another holdup on the M56 which my satnav took us tround, but it added miles. What should have been a three hour journey took six.

lake-1Once we got here, however, just one look at the views from the house at Trigonos and you could feel the tension ease. The earier rain had lifted and though the cloud was low enough that you couldn’t see Snowdon up the valley, Llyn Nantlle iself was lovely.

Now, to work… Some people have submitted short stories, others chunks of novels to a maximum of 15,000 words. This has given everyone a massive amount of pre-Milford reading. Anyone who has been before (and those newcomers who have taken advice) will have made a start well before the week started – though it’s obvious that some of us still have work to do. I’d managed to read and critique all but four pieces before I came, and it’s now Monday morning and I’ve caught up, hence I’m turning my attention to the Milford blog. I’ll be bullying asking people for their contributions during the week.

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    Here I am at Milford and loving every moment – writing and critiquing in a beautiful setting amongst professional writers, who are also great people!


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