Pick and Mix Story Ideas

2012-09 Milford Trigonos

Picture Prompt 1

Contributors: Jim Anderson, Jacey Bedford, Karen Brenchley, Dave Gullen, Jackie Hatton, Terry Jackman, Ben Jeapes, Sue Thomason. (All picture prompt images (c) Jacey Bedford.)

Readers often ask writers where they get their ideas from. Most writers have more ideas than they can ever use, therefore not all of them are developed. The writers credited above contributed random story ideas for your edification and delight.

Give the same prompt to ten different writers and you’ll end up with ten completely different stories. You can even use the same prompt more than once.

Picture prompt:

  1. “Space travel has a very high energy cost and very high levels of emissions. Surely it is against any commitment to sustainability for this to be permitted ‘for fun’.” (quote from recent newspaper)
  2. Too busy for a real holiday I book a VR holiday. I’m sitting in the VR aeroplane and somebody hijacks it.
  3. Roll up, roll up. See the world’s smallest dragon…
  4. ‘Rights broker’ for different classes of being (e.g. human with genetic upgrades) – rights (to live, to work etc.) are treated as commodities.
  5. In 2005, a representative of the Geographers’ A-Z Map Company told the BBC that their London map-book contained more than 100 fabricated (i.e. fictional) streets. (condensed from recent copy of THE BIG ISSUE)
  6. If you’re swinging from a rope inside a long brick tube with daylight a hundred feet above you, do you climb up or down? It all depends whether it’s a chimney or a well.
  7. As a combination of To Serve Man and Masterchef, what sort of story can people make out of human cuisine as a new delicacy on an alien world.
  8. You’re much less likely to encounter wandering monsters when following a road.
  9. A woman living in a small country village awakens to a great shuddering thud. She rushes outside expecting to find a fallen tree. Instead she finds a largish metallic sphere.
  10. One day gravity inverts and everything falls up into the sky.


    Picture Prompt 2

  11. First contact between invisible, mass-sensing aliens and humans, who can’t see them.
  12. Smile. The corners of her mouth drew back suddenly like playhouse curtains opening for the final act of a macabre mystery.
  13. Person followed everywhere by ghost of 2-year-old toddler child they don’t have – child is left over from temporal realignment.
  14. “My vegetable love shall grow (Vaster than empires and more slow)” — To His Coy Mistress. I know some people love their vegetables, but this could become… horrifying.
  15. A tale of life at one of the stops on the underground railway smuggling the last of the faeries to a safe place.
  16. Shipcomp, please. Ten years on a space ship is such a long time to be cooped up together – can you prove your love will last the journey?
  17. Rowan tree – mountain ash – a magical tree in suburbia.
  18. “Well now, It’s all a matter of how much offspring are worth in the current market, Madam. These things fluctuate quite a lot, you know.”
  19. Guinevere’s second-youngest sister
  20. “We knew the tide had turned when the number of civilians shot for cannibalism began to go down.”
2012-09 Carnarfon Castle walls

Picture prompt 3

11-00 thin ice

Picture prompt 4

Ilkley Moor cross 2-sm

Picture prompt 5

2002 wallclimb

Picture prompt 6

Tree Fire 005

Picture prompt 7

US March 03 Silver Birch in snow

Picture prompt 8

US March 03 026

Picture prompt 9

stonegate dark 2

Pictire prompt 10


About Jacey Bedford

Jacey Bedford maintains this blog. She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy (www.jaceybedford.co.uk), the secretary of Milford SF Writers (www.milfordSF.co.uk), a singer (www.artisan-harmony.com) and a music agent booking UK tours and concerts for folk performers (www.jacey-bedford.com). She's also a Home Office / UK Visas and Immigration department licensed sponsor processing UK work permits (Certificates of Sponsorship).
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